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nce a sleepy fishing village made prosperous through the discovery of oil in 1910, Miri has become a very important hub and gateway to Northern Borneo’s myriad of cultural, adventure and nature attractions. Miri’s charm lays in its potpourri of tribes, races, culture and languages making it a unique cosmopolitan town yet distinctly “Borneo”!

Trips, treks and tours starting from Miri take you to nearby overland excursions to the prehistoric Niah Caves and Lambir National Parks. Till today, the Niah Caves known for its discovery of the first prehistoric human remains some 30,000 years ago, still serve as an important archaeological research site as well as for travellers. Its surrounding trails and treks offering opportunities for nature walks, bird watching and flora & fauna is complemented by basic but comfortable park chalets and hostels. The Lambir National Park (45-minute drive) with the Latak waterfalls gives you that opportunity, on a free day, to go on a country side drive dotted by farms and pepper gardens, to take a relaxing walk and swim and still make it for the evening flight out of Miri. This park also has accommodations with a cafeteria. Overnight visitors can enjoy night jungle treks – the night scene can be quite different!

A 55-minute flight takes you to the Bario Highlands, 1050m above sea level, where you will experience yet another facet of Borneo’s culture with the Kelabit tribe. Tribal treks take you to several villages for you to experience their culture at first hand. For the very fit and adventurous, our highland adventure treks take you from the Bario highlands across into Indonesia to the Bakelalan Valley and into Mulu Caves!

From Miri, river journeys along the mighty Baram river offers more insight into the interiors of Borneo to be in contact with some of the 26 tribes we have in Sarawak. The nearby Loagan Bunut National Park, offers 4x4 and longboat/express boat excursions for bird watching enthusiasts to this largest natural lake of Sarawak. Dive enthusiasts will find Miri’s day dives (nearest reef is 40 minutes by dive boat from Miri) offering excellent coral reefs and marine life. Several dive sites are available.

Nearby Semilajau National Park in Bintulu and Mukah near the town of Sibu is also accessible from Miri by road and air flights. An all round Borneo trip can be planned to include Brunei’s highlights (3 hour overland drive) and the nearby state of Sabah where more options await.

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