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Tour Grading and Travel Tips

Requires no special fitness as these tours involve only few kilometers of
walking on good paths.

These tours include 3-4 hrs of jungle trekking, mostly on level trails.

These tours involve full days of jungle trekking, steep climbs etc.

Check the itinerary carefully and be sure you feel fit enough to pursue the tour of your choice.

Don’t forget the change in climate. It’s usually hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 23-32°C except in the mountains and on the plateaus where it is refreshingly cool and sometimes decidedly cold.

We are here to help you to decide. If you’re in any doubt please contact us or ask your travel agent to speak to us.

It is advisable to bring along a general purpose anti-biotic and also anti-histamine for stings, bites or plant allergies.

Sarawak and Sabah are remarkably free of tropical diseases including malaria, but you should check with your doctor regarding any vaccination requirements.

• Comfortable walking shoes, socks and sandals. Don’t forget a good shoes for mountain climbing.
• Lightweight long pants and long sleeved shirt to protect against sun and insects.
• Something warm for high altitudes
• A waterproof jacket, windbraker or poncho. We get plenty of rains sometimes!
• Plastic bags for keeping things dry during boat journeys etc.
• Water bottle for thirst and moisture replenishment.
• Insect repellant, sunblock, foot powder, aspirins etc
• Lightweight sleeping bag and torch light.
• Towel or sarong large enough to cover yourself when bathing or swimming in rural areas.

Above all, travel light and comfortably. The small planes baggage allowance is only 10kg (22ib)

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